mckimm business cards – Offset printed on the front and embossed “mckimm”  then duplexed to the Offset printed backs.  Printed on Superfine Eggshell Ultra white 352gsm.  Designed by Seamus&Sons.

Daniel Nailor Tiling

Daniel Nailor Tiling Stationery – Letter heads, With comps, DL envelopes all Offset printed in 1 spot colour on 2 sides.  Business cards Letterpress printed on 2 sides and duplexed.  All printed on Stephen Chilled white 115gsm and 330gsm.  Designed by Neil Roose.


WOODCUT Business cards – Letterpress printed on 1 side on Keaykolour Pure white and Sombre Grey 300gsm card then duplexed.  Designed by Latitude.

Dankor Architecture

Dankor Architecture Business cards – Digital white printed on Notturno black 350gsm card then Duplexed to Black Letterpress printed on Concept Radiance 352gsm card.  Designed by Valentin Edreira.

Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans Business cards – Offset printed in 1 Fluro colour and Silver Matt foiled on 2 sides on Concept Radiance 271gsm then triplexed with Kaskad Bullfinch 225gsm card in the middle.  Designed by Jack Fowler.

i am will

i am will Business cards – Silver foiled on 1 side and Duplexed to different Optix 300gsm colours.

Designed by i am will.


2-Times Business cards – Letterpress printed and Clear Gloss Foiled on 2 sides on Saxton Vellum Brilliant white 340gsm then Triplexed with Curious Translucent 285gsm in the middle.  Designed by 2-Times.

Ninty Four Feet

Ninty Four Feet Business cards – Offset printed in 2 spot colours on Concept Radiance card and Blue opaque Foiled on Notturno card then duplexed together.  Designed by Latitude.

One Idea

One Idea Business cards – Verko printed in black on 2 different stocks then duplexed together.  Verko’d on Knight white smooth and Notturno 300gsm cards.  Designed by One Idea.


LOV Business cards Offset printed in 1 colour both sides on Concept Radiance 352gsm card and Embossed on 1 layer/side of the card.  Finished with Duplex and edge colouring.  Designed by Principle Design.

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