WOWOWA Business cards : Gold Sparkle foil and black offset printed on Knight smooth cream 350gsm card with round cornering.  Designed by Tin & Ed

Danielle Serpanchy

Business cards : Blind punched pattern with Offset spot colour printed logo and text on 2 sides on Wild Cotton 450gsm card.  : Designed by Joel Frame.

Project Friday

Business cards ::  Offset printed back, Silver gloss foiled with punch fornt an laser cut holes on Keaykolour Jet Balck 450gsm card.  Designed by Langdon Lorraine.

SPORTENG Presentation Folders

SPORTENG Presentation Folders : White gloss foiled and forme cut to shape on Colorplan Mandarin 270gsm card  :: Designed by SDWM.

BNC Business cards

BNC Business cards : Offset printed in black ink on 2 sides on Keaykolour pure white 450gsm card.
Copper foiled logo on 2 sides.

Peachy Green

Peachy Green Business cards : Offset spot colour printed in 2 colours on 2 sides on beer matt board 390gsm card.  sparkle gold foiled and round cornered to shape.

CASPIAN Development Group

CASPIAN DevelopmentGroup Business cards : Copper & Gold foiled on 2 sides on Colorplan duplexed 540gsm card.  Copper & gold foil colour edged.  Design by Charcoal Creative.

SOI Softserve

SOI Softserve Business cards : CMYK 4 color process printed on the front, 1 color spot colour printed on the back on Beer matt board 390gsm card.  White gloss foiled with punch on the logo.
Designed by Hue Studio.

Watches of Switzerland

Watches of Switzerland Diary : Cover Black and Gold foiled on Keaykolour jet black 450gsm card and Canadian bound to 100pp of Knight white vellum 120gsm text pages.  Designed by Visua.


Hawkeye Gissing Bryant Stationery : A4 Presentation Folders Red foiled and forme cut to shape on Keaykolour 300gsm card.  Business cards Red foiled and offset printed silver on Keaykolour jet black 450gsm card.  C4 Envelopes red foiled on black C4 envelopes.  Designed by HGB.

The Everleigh Bottling Co.

The Everleigh Bottling Co. Certificates : Copper, Gold and Silver foiled on sides on Stephen clay 360gsm, Keaykolour jet black 450gsm and Colorplan imperial blue 350gsm cards.  Designed by Contain Design Studio.

Michael Armstrong

Michael Armstrong Business cards : Offset printed grey ink on Colorplan white, Gun metal foiled on Colorplan blue then duplexed to become 540gsm.

Watches of Switzerland

Watches of Switzerland Stationery : Offset printed in black with Gold foil on Knight Vellum for the Business cards, Letter heads, With compliments, DL envelopes and Invitations.  Designed by Visua.


LIGHTYEAR Business cards : Offset printed in Blue and Fluro pink ink on Colorplan 270gsm card and duplexed with blind heavy punched logo.  Fluro pink colour edged.  Designed by The Ducks Guts.


PIECE coasters and business cards : Offset printed in 3 colours and Copper Foiled on Beer matt board 390gsm and Stephen Gesso 435gsm card.  Forme cut to shape.  Designed by The Ducks Guts.

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