Design by Bird

Design by Bird A3 posters – Offset printed in 4 fluro colours + black with spot gloss and matt varnishes on Knight Vellum.  Silver gloss foiled feathers.  Design by Design by Bird.

La Bimba

La Bimba – Business cards Offset printed on 1 side, Copper foiled on the other side on Beer matt board 390gsm card.  Designed by Authenticca.

Gold Foil rolls

Gold Foil rolls – ready for the foiler

Hase Media

Hase Media Business cards – Gold Gloss foiled on 1 side on Notturno Black 700gsm card.  Cards Gold Gilded/Colour Edged.  Designed by i am will.

Plough Hotel

Plough Hotel Stationery – Business cards Offset printed on 2 sides on Beer/Drink coaster 390gsm board and Gold foiled on 1 side.  Drink coasters Offset printed in 1 colour on Beer/Drink coaster 390gsm board then forme/die cut to shape.  A3 menu sheets Offset printed in 1 colour on Stephen Smart white 115gsm paper.  Designed by Seamus&Sons.

Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans Business cards – Offset printed in 1 Fluro colour and Silver Matt foiled on 2 sides on Concept Radiance 271gsm then triplexed with Kaskad Bullfinch 225gsm card in the middle.  Designed by Jack Fowler.

Jef Tan

Jef Tan Business cards – Grey Letterpress printed 1 side, Clear Gloss Foiled the other side on Core Boxboard 600gsm card.  Designed by Jef Tan.

i am will

i am will Business cards – Silver foiled on 1 side and Duplexed to different Optix 300gsm colours.

Designed by i am will.


2-Times Business cards – Letterpress printed and Clear Gloss Foiled on 2 sides on Saxton Vellum Brilliant white 340gsm then Triplexed with Curious Translucent 285gsm in the middle.  Designed by 2-Times.

Tong Sarin

Tong Sarin Business cards – 1 spot colour offset printed and Gold Gloss foiled on 2 sides on Keaykolour 400gsm card.  Designed by Tong Sarin.

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