Ink mixing

Mixing PMS Black 7

Dirty Offset printing blanket

A dirty Offset printing blanket showing all the paper dust which has been removed off the actual stock while under impression (being printed).  This affects print sharpness, quality and clarity.  Cleaning the blanket every 150 sheets/prints will help fix the problem.

Gozer print run

Offset printing the Gozer stationery using Fluro ink.  Heavy ink flow on the rollers for the solid ink fluro coverage.

Thought Assembly

Thought Assembly – Checking out their Letterpress 2 colour overprinted Drink Coasters under the glass/loop.  Designed by Thought Assembly.

Numbering Boxes

Numbering Boxes – Left is for current Offset presses, Right is for the Letterpress machines. These boxes are used for such items as docket books and tickets etc.

Visual Playground Press Check

Visual Playground Business cards press sheet – Offset and Letterpress printed in 1 common colour on Concept Radiance 352gsm card.  Designed by Visual Playground.

Inspire 9 Press Check

Inspire 9 press check on the Letterpress machine with Daniel from Peacock.  1 spot colour on the Beer matt board 390gsm.  Designed by Peackock.

A very special THANKS to Thom Rigney for putting this short film together for us…

Taylord Press

Kirsten mixing ink on the SM offset press, we all swapped roles for the day….

These 3 ink additives play vital roles in cold winter weather.  Left to right = 235 is an ink Harderner, DIC is an ink reducer to make the ink soft, metal tin is an ink drier to help speed up the drying time process

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