UP Banking

UP Banking credit card mailer : Offset & Letterpress printed in Pantone spot colours on Beer matt 400gsm cards.  Forme cut to shape and triplex mounted to become a 3 layered 1200gsm DL mailer.  Designed by Up Banking and CIP Studio


Mast Stationery : Business cards Offset spot colour printed on Coloplan duplexed Citrine 270gsm.  With compliments  printed on Colorplan Citrine & Real Grey 135gsm papers.  Designed by Studio IO

Simply Dentistry

Simply Dentistry Stationery :: Offset printed in 2 spot colours on 2 sides on Sovereign Offset.  Business cards forme cut to shape.

Danielle Serpanchy

Business cards : Blind punched pattern with Offset spot colour printed logo and text on 2 sides on Wild Cotton 450gsm card.  : Designed by Joel Frame.


Swings tags : Offset flood spot colour green on 2 sides on 900gsm Keaykolour pure white card.  Black Letterpress applied to 1 side and Black Offset ink on the back.  Hole punched.  Designed by SISTA OF JAC.

BNC Business cards

BNC Business cards : Offset printed in black ink on 2 sides on Keaykolour pure white 450gsm card.
Copper foiled logo on 2 sides.

Peachy Green

Peachy Green Business cards : Offset spot colour printed in 2 colours on 2 sides on beer matt board 390gsm card.  sparkle gold foiled and round cornered to shape.


Wyro Business cards : Offset printed in pantone 877 silver on sides on Keaykolour jet black 450gsm card and forme cut to shape.  Designed by Design by Pidgeon.

SOI Softserve

SOI Softserve Business cards : CMYK 4 color process printed on the front, 1 color spot colour printed on the back on Beer matt board 390gsm card.  White gloss foiled with punch on the logo.
Designed by Hue Studio.

Watches of Switzerland

Watches of Switzerland Diary : Cover Black and Gold foiled on Keaykolour jet black 450gsm card and Canadian bound to 100pp of Knight white vellum 120gsm text pages.  Designed by Visua.

Rooftop Bar

Rooftop Bar Business cards : Offset 1 spot colour printed on Keaykolour Tangerine 300gsm card.  Embossed and cut to shape.

Designed by Open Season.


LIGHTYEAR Business cards : Offset printed in Blue and Fluro pink ink on Colorplan 270gsm card and duplexed with blind heavy punched logo.  Fluro pink colour edged.  Designed by The Ducks Guts.


PIECE coasters and business cards : Offset printed in 3 colours and Copper Foiled on Beer matt board 390gsm and Stephen Gesso 435gsm card.  Forme cut to shape.  Designed by The Ducks Guts.


Starward Coasters – Offset printed black and Gold Foiled on Impact 350gsm card followed by forme cutting to shape.  Designed by JAC&


vW MAPS A3 Gin & Botanicals Map of Australia & New Zealand :  Offset printed in 4 spot colours on Envirocare 150gsm paper.  Designed by vW MAPS

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