VPCO Stationery : Business cards Offset printed in black & black gloss Foiled with punch on Stephen Slay 360gsm card.

Letterheads Offset black printed on Wild Cotton 150gsm paper.

Designed by Nicko Phillips.

Mortgage IP

Mortgage IP Business cards & A4 Note Pads :  Offset printed in 2 spot colours with clear gloss Foil applied to the business cards.  A4 Note Pads glued at the head with personalised coloured glue.  Printed on Splendorgel white 470gsm card & 115gsm paper .

Designed by Pidgeon Ward.



A3 Menus & Postcards :: Offset spot colour printed and gold foiled on Neenah classic stipple and Beer matt board 400gsm card.

Designed by Marilyn & Sons.


Mast Stationery : Business cards Offset spot colour printed on Coloplan duplexed Citrine 270gsm.  With compliments  printed on Colorplan Citrine & Real Grey 135gsm papers.  Designed by Studio IO

Simply Dentistry

Simply Dentistry Stationery :: Offset printed in 2 spot colours on 2 sides on Sovereign Offset.  Business cards forme cut to shape.

SPORTENG Presentation Folders

SPORTENG Presentation Folders : White gloss foiled and forme cut to shape on Colorplan Mandarin 270gsm card  :: Designed by SDWM.


Hawkeye Gissing Bryant Stationery : A4 Presentation Folders Red foiled and forme cut to shape on Keaykolour 300gsm card.  Business cards Red foiled and offset printed silver on Keaykolour jet black 450gsm card.  C4 Envelopes red foiled on black C4 envelopes.  Designed by HGB.

Watches of Switzerland

Watches of Switzerland Stationery : Offset printed in black with Gold foil on Knight Vellum for the Business cards, Letter heads, With compliments, DL envelopes and Invitations.  Designed by Visua.

PADRE Coffee

PADRE Coffee Presentation folders & Business cards : Black gloss foiled and Offset printed on Colorplan 350gsm & Knight smooth 400gsm cards.  Forme cut to shape.  Designed by Langdon Lorraine.


PIECE coasters and business cards : Offset printed in 3 colours and Copper Foiled on Beer matt board 390gsm and Stephen Gesso 435gsm card.  Forme cut to shape.  Designed by The Ducks Guts.

Ruber Group

Ruber Group Stationery : Business cards Offset printed in 2 colours with an embossed logo and triplexed to become 900gsm.  Letter heads and With compliments slips Offset printed in 2 colours and embossed on the logo.  Designed by Percolate.

Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery set : Letterpress printed on 1 side and Offset printed on the back on Wild Cotton 450gsm card.  Forme cut to shape with and added custom forme cut envelope on Keaykolour 300gsm card.

Peddle Thorp Architects

Peddle Thorp Architects Stationery Offset printed in 1 colour on 2 sides and clear gloss foiled with punch.  Business cards duplexed using Concept Radiance 271gsm card.  Letter heads offset printed on Concept Radiance 118gsm paper.  Design by Peddle Thorp Architects.

Masini & Chern

Masini & Chern Stationery – Offset printed in CMYK on Strathmore Wove Soft White
118gsm & 352gsm.  Black Letterpressed printed to the Business cards.  Designed by Emily Gillis.


Encore Stationery : Offset printed in 2 spot Pantone colours on Saxton Vellum Brilliant white and Optix DL envelopes.  Designed by Design by Pidgeon.

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