Dirty Offset printing blanket

A dirty Offset printing blanket showing all the paper dust which has been removed off the actual stock while under impression (being printed).  This affects print sharpness, quality and clarity.  Cleaning the blanket every 150 sheets/prints will help fix the problem.

Gozer print run

Offset printing the Gozer stationery using Fluro ink.  Heavy ink flow on the rollers for the solid ink fluro coverage.


Automatica Business cards – Letterpress printed in 2 different spot colours on 1 side on Beer/Drink coaster 390gsm board.  Designed by Fizz Group.

Hase Media

Hase Media Business cards – Gold Gloss foiled on 1 side on Notturno Black 700gsm card.  Cards Gold Gilded/Colour Edged.  Designed by i am will.

Plough Hotel

Plough Hotel Stationery – Business cards Offset printed on 2 sides on Beer/Drink coaster 390gsm board and Gold foiled on 1 side.  Drink coasters Offset printed in 1 colour on Beer/Drink coaster 390gsm board then forme/die cut to shape.  A3 menu sheets Offset printed in 1 colour on Stephen Smart white 115gsm paper.  Designed by Seamus&Sons.


ACANDA Business cards – Offset printed in 3 spot colours on Superfine Eggshell Ultra white 352gsm card.  Designed by ACANDA.

Dankor Architecture

Dankor Architecture Business cards – Digital white printed on Notturno black 350gsm card then Duplexed to Black Letterpress printed on Concept Radiance 352gsm card.  Designed by Valentin Edreira.

Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans Business cards – Offset printed in 1 Fluro colour and Silver Matt foiled on 2 sides on Concept Radiance 271gsm then triplexed with Kaskad Bullfinch 225gsm card in the middle.  Designed by Jack Fowler.

Jef Tan

Jef Tan Business cards – Grey Letterpress printed 1 side, Clear Gloss Foiled the other side on Core Boxboard 600gsm card.  Designed by Jef Tan.

Heaven Pictures

Heaven Pictures Stationery – Letter heads and With comps offset printed in 1 colour on 2 sides on Knight white 120gsm paper.  Business cards Letterpress business cards on 2 sides on Knight Vellum 280gsm then triplexed with Optix Black 200gsm.  Designed by Tom Hederics

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