One Idea

One Idea Business cards – Verko printed in black on 2 different stocks then duplexed together.  Verko’d on Knight white smooth and Notturno 300gsm cards.  Designed by One Idea.

Visual Playground Press Check

Visual Playground Business cards press sheet – Offset and Letterpress printed in 1 common colour on Concept Radiance 352gsm card.  Designed by Visual Playground.

Inspire 9 Press Check

Inspire 9 press check on the Letterpress machine with Daniel from Peacock.  1 spot colour on the Beer matt board 390gsm.  Designed by Peackock.

Red Box Studio Space

Red Box Boxes – Offset printed in 2 colours on Hi Yeild packaging board 382gsm card.  Matt cellosheened on the outside then forme cut to shape.

Gozer print run

Offset printing the Gozer stationery using Fluro ink.  Heavy ink flow on the rollers for the solid ink fluro coverage.


TIN & ED Business cards Offset printed in 2 colours on the front with silver laser Foil with punch, 1 colour on the back on Knight Vellum 340gsm card.  Designed by TIN & ED.


auhaus Business cards Letterpress printed in 1 colour on 1 side, copper Foiled on the other side on Beer matt board 390gsm card.  Designed by auhaus.


MTV Stationery Offset printed in 4 different Fluro inks and black on Superfine Ultra white smooth 118gsm for the Letter head and With comp slips and 432gsm card for the Business cards.  Designed by Motherbird.


LOV Business cards Offset printed in 1 colour both sides on Concept Radiance 352gsm card and Embossed on 1 layer/side of the card.  Finished with Duplex and edge colouring.  Designed by Principle Design.

Reuben Hills

Reuben Hills business cards:  Offset printed in CMYK/4 colour process back, 1 colour front on Concept Candlelight 352gsm card and Letterpress printed in 1 colour 2 sides on Concept 352gsm card.  Designed by Luke Brown.

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