Pabu Business cards Offset printed brown on 1 side, orange Letterpress printed on 2 sides on Stephen Swiss white 330gsm card.  Designed by Hue Studio.


SB Business cards Offset printed in 2 colours on 1 side, clear gloss Foiled on 2 sides with punch on Concept Radiance 352gsm card.  Design by Bohn Studio.

A very special THANKS to Thom Rigney for putting this short film together for us…

Taylord Press

Ze Studio

Ze Studio Business card offset printed in 1 colour on Kaskad Wheatear Yellow 225gsm then triplexed with Kaskad Raven Black 225gsm in the middle.  Logo embossed on the front without show through on the back.  Designed by Ze Studio

Peddle Thorp Architects

Peddle Thorp Architects Stationery Offset printed in 1 colour on 2 sides and clear gloss foiled with punch.  Busuiness cards duplexed using Concept Radiance 271gsm card.  Letter heads offset printed on Concept Radiance 118gsm paper.  Design by Peddle Thorp Architects.


Caiman Business cards offset in 1 colour on Knight White smooth 350gsm card then perforated across the card.  Designed by Luke Brown.


SMA Stationery offset printed in 2 colours.  Business card duplexed using Keykolour Navy and Pure white 250gsm’s with white foil with punch applied to the business card.  Letter head and With comps embossed.  Designed by Grenade.


Stylizen Business cards offset printed in 2 colours on Concept Radiance 352gsm then white foiled with punch and forme cut to shape.  Managed by Stylizen.

Format Furniture

Format Furniture Business cards offset printed in 2 colours onto 3 different Tabalex 300gsm card stocks.  The Gold ink was overprinted onto the black once dry.  Design by studio worldwide.


Cludy Business cards offset printed in 2 colours on Stephen Smart white 330gsm then blind Letterpressed then duplexed then forme cut to shape.  Designed by Cludy.

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