We offer the following in house services:

  • Spot colour Offset printing (1 to unlimited colours)
  • Spot colour Letterpress or Blind Letterpress Printing (we recommend getting in touch to discuss your specific requirements)
  • Forme cutting on either of our Heideberg Cylinder or Heidelberg Platen presses
  • Foil Stamping
  • Duplexing / Triplexing
  • Trimming, Cutting or Guillotining

We can assist in coordinating and out sourcing:

  • Foil Stamping & Embellishment
  • Matt or Gloss Cellosheen
  • Spot UV and High Build
  • Envelope finishing

Specifications and Sizes:

  • Our Heidelberg SM printing press maximum sheet size is 370 x 520mm (Image area 340 x 510mm)
  • Our Heidelberg T Platen maximum sheet size is 255 x 340mm (Image area 225 x 320mm)
  • All of our printing plates are output at Stochastic line screen unless otherwise requested
  • Our Letterpress blocks are made from polymer
  • Our Foil Stamping blocks are made from metal / magnesium
  • Our Heidelberg Cylinder forme cutting machine maximum sheet size is 380 x 560mm.